Student Support for Doddle Academy

Welcome to the support page for Doddle Academy. Below you’ll find specifc advice on commonly asked questions when using the platform. Watch our Student User Guide video too, it’s a great resource to help get you started.

How do I login?

To log in to Doddle, go to: where you can enter your log in details.

Your school name will auto-fill as you start typing it, just select the right one when you see it.  Please check you are selecting the correct Doddle Academy school for your subject and academic start date.

How do I reset my password?

On the login screen, choose the “forgot password” option. Enter your school, login name or email. This will send a password reset email within a few minutes.

If you experience any difficulties then please email and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I download the Doddle Browser?

When logged into Doddle through the Doddle Browser, all Flash based Doddle content will run seamlessly.

Until all our content updates are completed, you will need to download and use this browser on each device where you would like to run Doddle presentations, interactives and animations.

To download the browser simply log in to your Doddle account from any computer or laptop (excluding mobile, tablet and Chromebook devices). Students and parents should navigate to a presentation or interactive activity where they will be prompted to download the browser.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough:

Will the resources work on my mobile or tablet?

Using Doddle on mobile or tablet:

All quizzes and revision content will work on these devices. However, please note that interactive activities won’t run. To access these resources please use a laptop, Mac or PC.

Downloading the App:

The Doddle App is available for mobile and tablets, simply head to the App Store or Google play store to download it.

With the App you will be able to access your To-Do list, complete quizzes and even get notifications when work is set and due.

Finding resources

All the resources and tasks within each Lesson can be found in your To-Do list, however there are also lots of resources you can use for independent learning too.

First, log in to Doddle.

Click on the Subjects tab and select the subject you want to revise (if you are subscribed to more than one subject).

Select the Learn tab and use the search bar, topic tree and resource type filters to find resources.

How do I add more subjects?

If you wish to upgrade your package, simply select the subjects in our shop that you would like to add. You will receive a separate login for your additional subjects which will be hosted on a different school. For ease of use, and to benefit from our bundle prices, it is recommended that you purchase all subjects you would like at the same time.

Need further assistance?

Our support team are available to help with any queries.  Please email